Online Issue 12: Zombie Cat

Lots of good stuff in this issue, as well as some news, so let's get to it.   Willie Davis chats about his novel Nightwolf. Davis has some keen insights about the benefits of being an author, a razor sharp wit and some interesting anecdotes to share. Plus, there are links to where you can … Continue reading Online Issue 12: Zombie Cat


I come to praise Allan Guthrie, not bury him

Over on Twitter on Saturday I decided to celebrate Allan Guthrie and his books with a small series of tweets. It received a good response but since I wrote them on my phone while at the dog park, I wanted to take the opportunity to collect them together here, add some more thoughts, and pull … Continue reading I come to praise Allan Guthrie, not bury him

Literature® & More: Online Issue 11

I recently had a chance to read and review Literature® by Guillermo Stitch. It's such a rich book that it's like an onion, with plenty of layers to peel off. That's why I have Guillermo answering some pointed questions about the novella and his objectives with it, and I offer some further thoughts on the … Continue reading Literature® & More: Online Issue 11

Tattoo Tuesday with Angel Luis Colón – interview

Brian Lindenmuth: What was the first tattoo you ever got and why did you decide to get it? Angel Luis Colón: I was 18 - it was the late 1990's...GUESS WHO GOT A SWEET TRIBAL-STYLE TATTOO? It's on the left side of my left calf. All black. Super edgy. What was that first experience like? … Continue reading Tattoo Tuesday with Angel Luis Colón – interview