What’s Playing Along to Terrence McCauley’s The Fairfax Incident?

The Fairfax Incident Cover





The song Charlie Doherty would be listening to at the beginning of THE FAIRFAX INCIDENT is ‘We’re in the Money’ sung by Dick Powell and others. He’s riding high despite the Great Depression, a sentiment reflected in the lyrics.

Charlie Doherty would crank up the phonograph or the radio for ‘Over There’ by George M. Cohan. As a Marine in World War I and a veteran of the Battle of Belleau Wood, Charlie would definitely blare this one.

Charlie would probably dedicate Shadow Waltz to the various women he’s had in his life. He’s never had much luck at love or relationships, despite having two daughters who he adores.


Do you have any special events coming up? Where can people catch up with you in person or on a podcast?

People can catch up with me online, at Thrillerfest in NYC and at Bouchercon in Tampa in September!

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Terrence McCauley is an award-winning author of crime fiction, thrillers and westerns. His latest novel, THE FAIRFAX INCIDENT, was published by Polis Books in June 2018. Kensington will be publishing his first western, WHERE THE BULLETS FLY, in September 2018. In 2017, Terrence won the silver medal from the Military Writers Society of America for his World War I novella THE DEVIL DOGS OF BELLEAU WOOD. Please visit Terrence’s website www.terrencemccauley.com, his author page on Facebook, on Twitter: @tmccauley_nyc or on Instagram @terrencepmccauley