Advent Day 27 – Literature by Guillermo Stitch

41juy2wqr-l-_sy346_I liked this book so much that I wrote two different reviews of it and interviewed the author. One of my tests for any entertainment is how memorable is it. Did it stay in my thoughts for days after the fact and make me think about the characters or the outcome or (in the event of a series) possible future developments? Did it inspire me to think about life or a philosophy or human nature?

One of the reasons I have to put this book front and center in my advent feature is that it is a book that has stayed with me. It has stayed with me for months. While I’m often struggling to remember all the titles I’ve read in any given year, this one had a huge impact on me.

I loved the fact that it defied genre conventions and boundaries and brazenly told its story. I loved the fact that it was action-packed and intense, and also profound and insightful. I loved the fact that the author didn’t follow formula.

Sometimes, authors are a little too enamored with their own use of language and all the pretty words. Guillermo Stitch offers spare prose that gets straight to the point, grabs us by the throat and doesn’t let us have a chance to catch our breath.

If I made such pronouncements, I’d likely declare this the best book I read in 2018. And the fact that it’s a self-published title that was able to get industry reviews and pretty much universal praise? Inspiring.


Literature® & More: Online Issue 11

I recently had a chance to read and review Literature® by Guillermo Stitch. It’s such a rich book that it’s like an onion, with plenty of layers to peel off. That’s why I have Guillermo answering some pointed questions about the novella and his objectives with it, and I offer some further thoughts on the novel here.

Friends, in response to the review and the growing chorus of praise (here and here) Guillermo tells me Literature® will be available as a free download for three days, starting today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so get thee to its Amazon page or another legit download purchase site and get your copy!

Paul Heatley has also dropped in to talk about An Eye For An Eye and its sequel, Violent By Design, as well as his other upcoming works. Plus, Paul picks out the ideal cast for his An Eye For An Eye series and Richard Godwin lists some tunes suited to his Insincerity protagonist.

Let me say this now…

Literature® is self-published, but don’t let that deter you. The copy is clean. It’s as professionally presented as anything I’ve spent money on in recent years. And on that note, Renee Miller weighs in on self-published authors taking the time to learn their craft, hone their skills and be professional with Being “Indie” Doesn’t Mean We Get To Be Lazy. Here here.


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Online Issue 10 had interviews, reviews and soundtrack picks for a range of novels, including Terrence McCauley’s The Fairfax Incident and Olen Steinhauer’s The Middleman.


Worldcon cornered the market on drama when they left some award nominees off the programming and misidentified someone’s gender. Reports now indicate that the whole program is being redone. Psst, Worldcon, the drama should be in the stories not the convention planning.

A literary agent breaks the news that most people aren’t meant to be authors.

Netflix News

Babylon Berlin has been renewed officially.

And finally…

HBO has given the thumbs up to a Deadwood movie. It’s about time, cocksuckers.


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