Advent Day 15: Parts Unknown

It’s been a tough year, and one of the really shocking moments was the death of Anthony Bourdain. At a time when some countries openly persecute those who are different and try to shut out the world around them, Bourdain broke down barriers and embraced cultural exploration.

He traveled. He tasted the delicacies of nations. He talked to people and tried to understand them and their thinking.

He was, in the truest sense of the word, a diplomat. Had he been able to apply those talents to international relations he truly could have ushered in meaningful change, because he was able to do what so many politicians (and people) can’t. He found the wonder in every culture, the common ground, the riches that couldn’t be measured. He visited places few travel to, like Myanmar, and he ventured to places where Americans aren’t always welcome. And everywhere he found people who showed him tremendous hospitality. He didn’t gloss things over or pretend everything was wonderful, but he showed the good things too and he sent messages of hope to the world. He built bridges. When we watch the episodes and see that people in the Middle East or Africa or Asia aren’t so different from us, perhaps we can find a way to dial down the rhetoric, stop meddling in other nations and learn from them. That’s what Bourdain did. And that’s why he was accepted everywhere.


He went to the places others fear to travel to, and he found hope for freedom in Libya, the widest smiles in the Philippines, all the things to love about Beirut and so much more.

He is missed.

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