Darrin Doyle shares what’s on his To Be Read Pile


Fun Fact: Darrin says, “I saw Ben Affleck at the airport in Washington, D.C., then boarded a plane, flew to Detroit, and saw Willem Dafoe!”



What are some of the titles in your current TRB pile?

51hngprhful-_sy346_I have such a large pile. It’s a mix of contemporary and classic authors: Louise Erdrich’s The Plague of Doves, Christine Schutt’s All Souls, Bill Knott’s poetry collection I Am Flying Into Myself, Ha Jin’s War Trash and The Crazed, Alison Lurie’s Foreign Affairs, Bernard Malamud’s The Fixer, Christine Sneed’s The Virginity of Famous Men, Katie Chase’s Man & Wife.

What book are you currently reading?

I recently finished Jess Arndt’s story collection, Large Animals. What a wonderful book: dark, surreal, challenging, funny, serious, and laced with dazzling prose.

What do you hope to add to your TBR pile soon and why?

51rvdbjtwrl-_sy346_I’m trying to keep up with the releases from Tortoise Books. I’m so proud to have two of my books with this press because they consistently publish interesting, well-written works. So I’m eager to pick up Jeremy Wilson’s Adult Teeth and Joe Peterson’s Gun Metal Blue.

Bonus: Which author do you want to see have a new book out soon?

I’m looking forward to whatever Jess Arndt comes up with next (see Answer 2). I also recently discovered Bill Cotter – who writes down-and-dirty comical fiction in the mold of John Kennedy Toole and Charles Portis – and will keep an eye out for his next project.


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IMG_8884Darrin Doyle’s most recent book is the story collection Scoundrels Among Us. He has previously published two novels – The Girl Who Ate Kalamazoo and Revenge of the Teacher’s Pet:A Love Story – as well as the story collection The Dark Will End the Dark. He believes in Bigfoot, shaves on days of the week that contain the letter T, and teaches at Central Michigan University. His website is darrindoyle.com.