Advent Day 18: Haunting of Hill House

Does anyone still need a reason to watch Haunting of Hill House? I absolutely loved how this series looked at children who’d lived in a haunted house and explored the PTSD that messed with their lives as adults.

And anyone who appreciated that aspect of the story will be thrilled to hear that the director is bringing his touch to an exploration of The Shining.

I found Haunting of Hill House fascinating. It was interesting to consider how those childhood experiences would affect each person.


This goes beyond ghosts. The psychological horror is real. The trauma is real. And the way people put up walls, live in denial and shut others because they can’t cope is all too real. Will it take another tragedy to bring the Crain family back together again? Or will new conflicts tear open old wounds and destroy what little is left of this family?


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Advent Day 24: Fight Fascism

It’s tragic that it even needs to be said that Nazis are the enemy of humanity. That said, at least with all the spewing of hate in the past few years and increase of hate crimes, it’s encouraging to know some people are going to stand up and speak out.


Advent Day 25: Bodyguard

Advent Day 26: Baskets

Advent Day 27: Literature

Advent Day 27 – Literature by Guillermo Stitch

41juy2wqr-l-_sy346_I liked this book so much that I wrote two different reviews of it and interviewed the author. One of my tests for any entertainment is how memorable is it. Did it stay in my thoughts for days after the fact and make me think about the characters or the outcome or (in the event of a series) possible future developments? Did it inspire me to think about life or a philosophy or human nature?

One of the reasons I have to put this book front and center in my advent feature is that it is a book that has stayed with me. It has stayed with me for months. While I’m often struggling to remember all the titles I’ve read in any given year, this one had a huge impact on me.

I loved the fact that it defied genre conventions and boundaries and brazenly told its story. I loved the fact that it was action-packed and intense, and also profound and insightful. I loved the fact that the author didn’t follow formula.

Sometimes, authors are a little too enamored with their own use of language and all the pretty words. Guillermo Stitch offers spare prose that gets straight to the point, grabs us by the throat and doesn’t let us have a chance to catch our breath.

If I made such pronouncements, I’d likely declare this the best book I read in 2018. And the fact that it’s a self-published title that was able to get industry reviews and pretty much universal praise? Inspiring.