Soundtracks & Music Mondays

Music Mondays

This is America – May 7, 2018

Make Me Feel – May 21, 2018

Exsanguination Blues – June 11, 2018


Anne Frasier: Soundtrack for The Body Counter

Barbara Winkes: Soundtrack for The Amnesia Project

Benjamin Sobieck‘s Writing Soundtrack

Bill Kieffer: Soundtrack for Cold Blood: Fatal Fables

Brian Cohn: Soundtrack for The Last Detective

Chanel Hardy: Soundtrack for My Colorblind Rainbow

Earl Javorsky: Soundtrack for Down To No Good

Paul Levine: Soundtrack for Bum Deal

Richard Godwin: Soundtrack Feature

Jon O’Bergh: Soundtrack for The Shatter Point

Paul D. Brazill: Soundtrack for Small Time Crimes

Terrence McCauley: Soundtrack for The Fairfax Incident