What Does The World Look Like When Chanel Hardy Writes?

by Chanel Hardy


This is where I do most of my writing. It’s the most comfortable place in my home and relaxes me. I must have snacks and a hot cup of tea or coffee next to me whenever I’m writing, whether it’s a blog, or a manuscript. I also sometimes write right before I go to bed, so if I’m feeling drowsy, I can just close my laptop and go to sleep.


I don’t spend as much time here as I do in my bed, but sometimes when my husband streams his videogames, I’ll grab my laptop and my snacks and go into the living room to write. Since there is no TV in here it’s usually much quieter. One thing about my couch, and my bed as well is that I love pillows! They make me extra comfortable and are a must have along with my food and beverages. As you can see over there in the corner, my kitties also like to accompany me when I’m writing.

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