Online Issue 3


Dig right in with an interview with Barry Finlay, who has a new book out this weekend.

Check out Chanel Hardy‘s author corner and what she has to say about her latest book, the thriller Was it Her?

Benjamin Sobieck shares his writing soundtrack with us.

Don’t miss our reviews of No Shred of Evidence by Charles Todd and The Oddling Prince by Nancy Springer. Plus, The 100 is back for season 5 and it’s a great entry point for anyone who hasn’t been watching the series. Time to rectify that omission from your viewing schedule.

Blessed be. Offred is back in The Handmaid’s Tale. If you thought season 1 was a slow decent into the depths of hell, thinking your husband is dead, having your child stolen from you and being repeatedly raped and mistreated, you were right. Things have only gotten worse for Offred at the start of season 2.

Starting tonight there are several author events of note across the U.S. that are worth checking out.

Our Flashback Feature this week is an interview with Laura Lippman.

What do you get when you add Laura Lippman, Gabino Iglesias and Prince? Hopefully, moving beyond clichés.

Writer realities:


Writer Beware:

insane writer contracts

The rapture didn’t happen… again:

blow up dolls

Sad new:


Reading From Other Cultures and Religions – why not to do it and where to find some free e-books on Islam:


Why all ghost hunters speak English:

ghosts speak english



Just a few more days to enter a content to win a signed copy of James Oswald’s latest (go to Twitter and search his name to locate the link).


Best opening line ever?

best opening line ever

And finally…

Is there anything better than free books? Well, yes. Yes there is.

Prince single


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