B.R. Stateham Shares His Author Jet Fuel

“My head is shaped liked a rectangle, topped by a 1950’s flattop.” – B.R. Stateham



What is BR’s favorite food or drink to fuel his writing?

ice-tea-3076517_1920BRS: Room temperature instant tea. Gallons of it.


BONUS: Check out B.R.’s short story, Inexplicably, here.

Picture 51Bio: I’m a storyteller for the last fifty-five years. Wrote my first book when I was about ten years old. Sold my first book in 1981 to DAW Science-Fiction. Turns out, it was the only time I sold something to a major publisher. Been an indie writer ever since. Currently, I’m being published by Endeavour Media of Britain in both the Turner Hahn/Frank Morales police-procedural series, and in a series featuring a first century Roman detective by the name of Decimus Julius Virilis. The story telling continues.

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