Online Issue 2


Nick Kolakowski on making Bonnie and Clyde look like a pair of weak punks.

“In (Bill and Fiona’s) escape to freedom, which goes from New York City to Oklahoma to Cuba and back, they run into all sorts of oddball characters, including a freaky assassin in an Elvis costume and a foulmouthed octogenarian with a deep, dark secret.”

Theodore Feit Reviews:

Author’s Corner:

Benjamin Sobieck takes us inside his writing space.

Flashback Feature:

A 2006 post-Bouchercon interview with Jess Lourey:

find out about the shallow dating pool and what Jess thinks of gravy-drippers.

This is my not-yet-recovered-from-stomach-virus-edition… We’ll be back next week with another issue, and look for some person news from me on Monday’s Do Some Damage Post.

And, in case you’ve missed it:

Online Issue 1 can be found here.

Book reviewers and readers weigh in on what will make them abandon a book in an article by Richie Billing.

Can authors use Youtube to combat e-book piracy? See what Michael Kozlowski has to say about that here.

Do you have rules for lending books? (My sister is a library technician and I won’t lend her anything I want to get back. It’s bookhoarder vs bookhoarder then.)

Kevin R. Tipple reviews August Snow: let’s hope the sucktastic spring most of us have been having and a lack of desire for actual snow in August doesn’t keep people from checking out this book Tipple highly recommends.

Jason Butkowski has new fiction live at Shotgun Honey – check out Immigrant Story here he also shares news of a forthcoming author event:

noir at bar asbery

Don’t you want to read here? The fountain at Cincinnati’s Public Library:


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