Earl Javorsky’s TBR Pile

What’s on Earl Javorsky’s bedstand?

511khbpnjpl-_sy346_What are some of the titles in your current TRB pile?

Andrew Nette’s Gunshine State and Alex Segura’s Blackout are next up,along with David Swinson’s The Second Girl.

What book are you currently reading?51z0465wekl-_sy346_

I just finished Thomas Piccirilli’s The Last Kind Words. Boy is his prose good!

What do you hope to add to your TBR pile soon and why?

I hope Gabino Iglesias sends me something, because Zero Saints was so good.

51hnyvznphl-_sy346_Daniel Earl Javorsky was born in Berlin and immigrated to the US. He has been, among other things, a delivery boy, musician, product rep in the chemical entertainment industry, university music teacher, software salesman, copy editor, proofreader, and novelist. His books include Down Solo and Trust Me, and a sequel to Down Solo called Down to No Good. See more at http://www.earljavorsky.com.

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