Being Featured on Toe Six Press

How do I decide what I’m running? If I get a profile request and I think it’s a fit, I’ll follow up and use whichever feature options you choose to do. I’m casting the net as wide as possible to embrace things that dance on the edge of crime fiction and blur the lines with other genres. I want to see diverse authors and books promoted here.

But a word on those feature options…

Now, I have to say some things because it’s become an issue. I’m flabbergasted that I even need to think these things in response to some stuff I’ve been sent, but I do.

I will not run one sentence features. That isn’t worth people clicking on.

I’m not holding space for anyone for a free feature. (And in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t charge.) However, I’ve had people commit and spent time starting to prep for them only to have them disappear and never follow through. Lesson learned.

I will not run features that I don’t understand. If you don’t identify the book or protagonist you’re talking about or explain why a song would be a good fit for a character or situation then how interesting will it be for readers?

Does someone really want to click on your ‘author fuel’ feature to read that you don’t eat while writing, period? That strikes me as somewhere between odd and arrogant. Remarkably out of touch with the interests of a reading audience at the very least.

Having a lot of feature options is a way of kick-starting the conversation. Some people are great cooks and want to share recipes. Others love to talk about their pets and don’t want to answer personal questions about themselves. People love fun features. Readers will read about your song picks and check out your recipes and look at pictures of your writing space and your cat, even if they’ve never heard of you.

But don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that means you don’t need to be entertaining. The idea here is to spread the word about what’s new, what’s original, what’s fun… anything that may be of interest to the audience.

If I can’t understand what’s sent to me I’ll just delete and move on. And it isn’t my job to chase ten people to find information, either. If you would like to pay me to feature you then you will get however many hours of my time that’s worth, but 99.9% of what goes on this site is done from my free time without pay. You’re really going to send in a feature and tell me to ask so-and-so for relevant information? Like I’m your secretary?

Done. Next. Moving on.