An Eye For An Eye’s Casting Call

by Paul Heatley

An Eye For An Eye CoverThe core two characters of my Eye For An Eye series are Graeme Taylor and Tracksuit Tony Gordon. Graeme’s a world-weary heavy for the Doyle family who are situated in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the north east of England, and Tony is a bouncer that covers the doors for the Doyle’s clubs.

Graeme’s our main guy. Most of the stories are seen from his point of view. The Irish actor Liam Cunningham would do a great job playing him, and to be honest I can’t picture him as anyone else anymore. Cunningham will be known to most people as Davos Seaworth from Game Of Thrones, who he plays with a Geordie accent – ideal! There’s a tired intensity about him that fits well for Graeme. He’s seen things, and he wants those violent, dark days behind him, but he’s prepared and capable to revisit his past self if necessary.

Tracksuit Tony took a bit more thought. He’s athletic, handsome, spends most of his time in the gym and, though he usually takes a beating, he can roll with it and he’s able to handle himself. After much thought, I think Ben Barnes fits the role. At thirty-six he’s a little older than I imagine Tony (mid- to late twenties), but he’s one of those people that looks much younger than they are and doesn’t seem to age! He’s also shown he’s not averse to getting his pretty face messed up, as evidenced in his roles in The Punisher and Westworld.

Which leads us directly into the man who could be considered the antagonist of the series – the patriarch of the crime family who employs both men, Neil Doyle. Neil’s a nasty piece of work, well-acquainted with violence, driven only by his own ambitions. Little else matters to him other than what he wants, and how he’s going to get those things. In An Eye For An Eye he sends Graeme and Tony to find the man who’s blinded his daughter, but he does so not out of love for her, more how her being wounded makes him look weak, and he can’t be made to look weak…

So, who would play Neil? Peter Mullan. I don’t think he’d struggle too much with the accent, there’s not too much of a difference between Geordie and Scottish! He also looks like a tough, mean bastard who you certainly wouldn’t want to miss with. He plays the role of Ben Barnes’ father on Westworld, and the strained, antagonistic relationship between the two of them on that show is exactly how I envision Neil’s to be with his own kids.


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Author photoPaul Heatley is the author of over fifty short stories in print and online, published at the likes of Thuglit, Spelk, Crime Factory, Horror Sleaze Trash, Shotgun Honey, and the Flash Fiction Offensive, among others. His books are Guns, Drugs, And Dogs, The Motel Whore & Other Stories, An Eye For An Eye, and Fatboy. He lives in the north east of England.