Advent Days 10, 9 & 8: Horror

There’s a slim possibility that I may have to adjust my advent list before I’m finished, and not for the first time. Blackkklansman was something I watched less than a week ago, and we’re on a new show now that just might make the cut.

So, it’s a bit of a gamble putting all three of these movies out there already because it limits what else can be taken off, but I figure if I really get stuck I’ll just add a bonus item.

This was the year that I finally let Brian indulge his inner horror film geek in October, although only one of these three films is from that month. I honestly don’t think much of slasher flicks. Back when they were new, the 80s versions of Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street and Chucky freaked me out, and not in a good way.

This year, I watched a number of horror films that I liked. Three made my list.


This likely comes as no surprise, since it was a big hit this year. I had to pick up a dead bird’s body the next day at the dog park, though, which was not cool. Not cool at all.

It Comes At Night

Psychological horror at its best. I was really surprised by this story. Some aspects of it are beautifully simple, but I think that’s the key.


I never watched the original and I saw this version alone. Really well done. Strong cast. No surprise it was well received.


PS: If you’re in the mood for more horror, Hulu had a strong showing with Castle Rock. There’s an episode with Sissy Spacek that’s absolutely amazing. If I was doing a list of the best episodes of the year, there’s no doubt in my mind that episode would be on it. The entire season would be worth watching  just for ‘The Queen’, as though the amazing cast and fascinating storyline wasn’t enough of a reason to watch already.

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