Advent Day 12: Salt

51uwkhh0yzlA true test for any entertainment I consume is whether or not it stays with me. It can be easy to be swept up in the moment and overlook a lot of things, or fail to really evaluate the merits or shortcomings of anything.

So books that stay with me? Those are great books. There was a lot in Salt that I identified with. A sense of loneliness and isolation. The feeling of trying so hard and still being the second choice. The fear of throwing everything away for a hope/dream/goal and perhaps still coming up short, never having had a chance at a normal life.

This is a YA story with monsters. When their parents go missing, Indi and his siblings are determined to find the truth. Teenagers Indi and Beleza are forced to take charge and care for their much younger siblings, keep their boat afloat and keep food on the table, all while slaying the monsters that they have the ability to see.

My original review is here. The book is available via Amazon and in your local bookstores. And there’s still time to get this gripping tale before Christmas.

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