Advent Day 21: Black Mirror

Pssst. Have you heard the rumor? Apparently, we’ll enjoy more Black Mirror creepy goodness before the end of 2018. Nothing could be better (when it comes to TV entertainment, let’s not mess this up with politics).

With Black Mirror set to drop new episodes December 28, this means all my fears about future and technology will be raised just before the new year. Yay. Black Mirror has excelled at weaving together technology and human failings to produce episodes that terrify you and make you think. Last year’s U.S.S. Callister was easily a stand-out, with a group of people who’d essentially become prisoners in a video game plotting a mutiny. Then there was Arkangel. How can a technology meant to help you keep your child safe be so destructive? Dang, last season was a great season. The high water mark for me is still season 4’s San Junipero, but every season of this show has delivered. I can’t wait for more.


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