Advent Day 23: The Americans


For six years, The Americans followed Philip and Elizabeth Jennings as they lived their covert life, acting on behalf of their country to further the Soviet agenda during the Cold War.

Not an easy show at times. Not easy to root for the bad guys. Yet these characters are anything but one dimensional. Elizabeth is a rape victim. She is a survivor. They are parents. They genuinely love their children.

They also genuinely love their country.

And yet, Philip wrestles with what they’re required to do. He doesn’t follow blindly. Neither does Elizabeth, although people may see her as more of a patriot than her husband.

We went into the last season wondering how on earth they would wrap it up and as the season progressed they seemed to be adding loose threads rather than resolving things. We spent hours guessing who would live and who would die …

No spoilers, but I will say this: the ending wrecked me. Simply one of the best series endings ever. I don’t say that lightly. It wasn’t at all what I expected and yet it was remarkably satisfying.

And that one scene – if you watched the finale then you know the one – God, I need tissues again. I’m still gutted. With or Without You.

And Gad. Damn. Gad.

Bonus: If you love your 80s music, the soundtrack is stellar.

I’ve long maintained that the most amazing endings have you wondering what X or X character is doing after the final page or shot, because they live on in your mind as though they are a part of your reality, and for the characters that made it through to the end, I have often wondered if they were apart of certain significant world events or whether they reconnected with so-and-so, etc. etc.

This amazing crew made these characters do real for me. And I still miss them.


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