Advent Day 26 – Baskets

This is a show that isn’t easy to categorize. It’s a comedy, sure, but it also has some very keen insights about people, human nature, relationships and identity. And it’s really offbeat, but I mean that in the best possible way. You’ll laugh. You’ll groan. And you’ll cry.

And you’ll always end a season wanting more.

So, how do I love thee, Baskets? Let me count the ways.

First, there’s Chip. This aspiring clown who aspires to so much and falls short spectacularly. He has so much heart and he’s always got his eyes on what he can’t have, and can’t see the good things right in front of him sometimes. He’s beyond spectacular and relatable and I’m rooting for him.

Then there’s Christine. Oh Christine. She really sees the world one way, but every now and again she edges out of her zone and surprised herself, and the audience in the process. She really means well, and shows just how much damage a person can do to someone else with their good intentions.

Martha is a trip. She’s the classic gal who doesn’t stand up for herself and complies to keep the peace, which means she’s usually the one that makes everything come apart at the seams. Or she’s inadvertently coerced into things way beyond her comfort zone. Only Martha could take in a stray dog that turns out to be a wild coyote, God bless ‘er.

Eddie. Great with horses. Not so great with people, unless you count conning them.

Ken. He amplifies Christine’s crazy sometimes, but in the best possible way. Love Ken.

Season 4 could mark a real shift for the show, so I’ll be very curious to see what happens next.


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