Online Issue 19: Countdown To C-Day

TSP OI19 cover

Following the Thanksgiving goodies in Issue 18 (Rusty Barnes, Susanna Beard, Barbara Winkes, Jenn Stroud Rossmann) we return this week to a transitional issue.

First, Wendy Webb talks about Daughters of the Lake. Imagine experiencing the dreams of a dead woman. Creepy!

CJ Lyons not only shares the goodies on her TBR pile (Laini Taylor, Ben Winters, Joseph Luzzi to name a few), but she also talks about the inspiration for The Color of Lies.

“What if someone’s entire life was colored by what they wanted to believe instead of what was real? Answering that question led to The Color of Lies.”

And I kick off the Christmas festivities for this issue with Day 27 of my advent calendar.

‘Best of’ lists are limited; no single person has read every book or seen every movie or TV show released in a year. No single person has read any book even in just one genre.

I can only say what I’ve enjoyed from what I’ve consumed. To say it’s the ‘best of’ the year is, at best, inaccurate. At worst, conceited.

That’s why I’ve decided to do an advent calendar, leading up to Christmas, featuring something I’ve enjoyed from the past year every day from now until December 24. This advent special will include books, movies, TV series and more.

What I’m featuring on the Advent calendar is presented in no particular order.

My first Advent feature is a book I read in the summer, and you can find out more here.