How Cookie and Tipsy keep Susanna Beard’s writing on track

Fun Fact:

“I fell down a crevasse in France, and survived uninjured.” – Susanna Beard

CookieI have two writing assistants, who both take their roles very seriously. They have a bed each in my office and supervise my working day. Cookie is a little golden Cairn terrier, who is sweet-natured, gentle and affectionate. He’s eleven years old now and is beginning to get a little slow. He loves his walks and sleeps for the rest of the day. Sometimes his assistant role involves sitting on my lap as I type – this helps for a short while, until my legs go to sleep.

TipsyTipsy is a cute Yorkshire terrier with a taste for squirrels and a piercing bark. She loves nothing better than a tummy tickle, and can often be seen in the park on her back with her legs in the air, waiting for an unsuspecting dog walker to give her the attention she deserves. She looks after my well-being, which involves barking at birds, squirrels and any unexpected noise outside the house. This all ensures I don’t get a stiff back from sitting down for too long.  


When I’m stuck with my writing, need to organise my thoughts or simply take a break, they take me out into the country for a refreshing walk. What more can you ask from your assistants?

Dogs in office


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Susanna is fascinated by human relationships. She can be found people-watching wherever she goes, finding material for her writing. Her passions include animals — particularly her dogs — walking in the countryside and tennis, which clears her brain of pretty much everything. She aims to keep writing, and never to get old.