Who would Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts want to see play the protagonists from Teeth of the Wolf?

Fun Fact: Lee says, “Although my mother speaks two dialects of Chinese, I only learned a few basic words, something that makes me sad. And I love the Māori language, but like my Chinese, I only know a few words in te reo Māori (language). Instead, I speak fluent French, a language my Chinese grandfather spoke, and one I taught to my own daughter.”

TEETH OF THE WOLF is a dual protagonist narrative with main characters Penny and Matiu.

Teeth of the WolfScientific consultant Penny Yee has barely drawn breath before Detective Inspector Tanner assigns her another suspicious death, with Matiu tagging along for the ride. That’s fine as long as he stays outside the crime scene tape, but when one of Matiu’s former cronies turns up dead, Penny wonders if her brother might be more than just an innocent bystander. While she’s figuring that out, the entire universe conspires against her, with a cadaver going AWOL, her DNA sequencer spitting the dummy, and the rent due any day. Even the weather has it in for her. But that’s not the worst of it; Penny’s parents have practically announced her nuptials to Craig Tong!

Still spitting the taste of sand from his mouth, Matiu’s back on the case with Penny, and wouldn’t you know it, his big sister is in over her head again, not that she has a clue. There’s a storm brewing dark through the heat-haze on the horizon, and Makere isn’t the only one of Matiu’s friends from another life dogging his steps. Is this all because of what Mārama was trying to tell him earlier? About his heritage?

Meanwhile, Cerberus is only making things worse by losing his rag every time they cross paths with the elusive killer. Can the dog taste the hot sour reek of something trying to push through the veil and run its tongue and teeth across this world? What’s calling them? What has changed? Matiu should probably check that out, if only his probation officer would quit calling…


Augusta Xu Holland (Wikipedia photo)Lee/Penny: Scientific consultant to the police, Penny Yee is detail-oriented, risk averse, and highly-strung. Mostly, it’s her brother Matiu, who winds her up with his ridiculous talk of shadowy things from the other side, but her ex-boyfriend Noah Cordell and his mansplainy grandstanding can be equally as annoying. It’s not as if there isn’t enough pressure on her, with Inspector Tanner breathing down her neck with more cases, and Mum and Dad trying to marry her off, she really hasn’t got time to be thinking about who might play her in a movie of her life! Okay, since you insist, if she has to suggest someone, what about stunning New Zealand actress Augusta Xu-Holland? Because of all the actresses Penny’s seen, Xu-Holland is closest to Penny in background. Not only is Xu-Holland a half-Chinese New Zealander, she has a science degree from a local university, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Asian studies. Asian studies! As far as Penny is concerned Xu-Holland is an actress who is going to understand the Yee family dynamic and represent it accurately. You might have seen Xu-Holland appear in The Last Race alongside Ralph Fiennes. Plus, Xu-Holland even has Penny’s hair. It’s uncanny. Like looking in a mirror. 


Rob Kipa-Willams IMDb imageDan/Matiu: Does it say something about representation, or maybe my TV watching habits (or lack of both) that I actually had to go away and google that to find someone suitable Especially after I wanted to say Taika Waititi but then thought that nah, we don’t want everyone giggling through the whole movie. “Aw look, it’s blood, bro. Heaps of it.That’s so naff.” But I found this guy, Rob Kipa-Williams, and thought yep, he’ll do. Never seen him act but if he falls through we can always just call Taika, right?


TEETH OF THE WOLF is the second book in the Path of Ra supernatural crime-noir series by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray. The first book in the series, HOUNDS OF THE UNDERWORLD was long listed in last year’s Bram Stoker Awards and went on to win Best Novel in New Zealand’s Sir Julius Vogel Awards for science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Check out our interview about TEETH OF THE WOLF here.Check out our interview about TEETH OF THE WOLF here.

lee coverLee Murray is a ten-time winner of New Zealand’s Sir Julius Vogel Award for science fiction, fantasy and horror. Her books include the military thrillers Into the Mist and Into the Sounds, and supernatural crime-noir titles Hounds of the Underworld and Teeth of the Wolf (co-authored with Dan Rabarts). She is proud to have co-edited nine anthologies, one of which, Baby Teeth, won her an Australian Shadows Award in 2014. She lives with her family in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Find her at leemurray.info

Dan Rabarts

Dan Rabarts is a New Zealand author & editor, winner of four Sir Julius Vogel Awards and two Australian Shadows Awards. His short stories have appeared in venues such as Beneath Ceaseless Skies and The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk. Together with Lee Murray, he co-writes the Path of Ra series. His first solo novel, Brothers of the Knife, kicks off the grimdark-yet-madcap Children of Bane fantasy series (Omnium Gatherum). Find out more at dan.rabarts.com.


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