Online Issue 10: Music and War

This week, Terrence McCauley’s playlist for The Fairfax Incident and Richard Godwin also drops in to share his music playlist for his latest novel, Insincerity.

Olen Steinhauer’s new novel, The Middleman, will be out in a few weeks and I have my take on his latest offering.

I also have a short interview with Andrew J Capets about his World War I book, Good War, Great Men. Andrew will be interviewed on the World War I Centennial Podcast next week so war buffs will want to bookmark that date and check it out.

Brian continues his Tattoo Tuesday features with Gerard Brennan and Rob Hart joining Chris Holm in this special series.

Elsewhere, Scott Alderberg draws our attention to a different kind of crime show to take note of and Patti Abbott asked a while back about books that scared us on Facebook. I said Sara Gran’s Come Closer. Did it make the cut when The New York Times asked other authors? What book scared Neil Gaiman and more? Find out here.

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