Exsanguination Blues – Music Monday

I went down a YouTube rabbit hole to see if anything interesting would turn up in the mix of my algorithms and random clicks. Here’s what I came up with.

“Mama Said” by Cat Clyde. Nice little hypnotic song. Good voice and some interesting phrasing without having too much quirk factor.

Alice Phoebe Lou’s light touch probably shouldn’t work well for Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” yet it does. She’s got a powerful voice and an earnestness that provovides an interesting contrast to the lyrics.

Nahko’s  “Warrior People” came to me because Sandra has been listening to indigenous music and her choices affect my algorithms so this popped up in my feed.

This next one is a group called Sticky Fingers. They are playing a song called “Cyclone”. The singer’s voice grabbed me. I don’t know if this stripped down approach is indicative of their normal sound but I’ll be sure to find out.

A recent Bandcamp Daily brought Sabata to my attention. A great old school punk vibe with unexpected turns thrown in for good measure.

I recently acquired a record collection that someone was getting rid of, about 150 lps and 150 45s. I didn’t know what was there until I got home and was able to take a look. Turns out there is some good stuff. Here are some of the 45s:

Here are some songs that I heard on the radio and Shazamed.

“Karolina” by Crisco Dreams

Jade Bird “Lottery”

“Black Moon Rising” by Black Pumas

“4 UR Life” by Daniella Cotton



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