Issue 6



A Chicago PI is drawn into the case of a murdered priest found dead in his own church. She must find out who killed him and why, before the police shut her down.

Tracy Clark talks about her new bookBroken Places, and how well she can sing. She also shares what’s on her TBR pile with us.

Kidnapping, subsequent psychological manipulation and surgery without consent…

Barbara Winkes delves into the plot of The Amnesia Project and shares the book’s soundtrack.

COLD BLOOD is actually six stories, all based on Brooklyn Blackie’s world. For any introduction to Aesop’s World, with its mix of blood thirsty “Cartoon Animals,” I recommend Caravan Palace’s “Lone Digger.” The song’s not a perfect match, but I think the video captures the spirit of what I’m going for.

We have a soundtrack for Bill Kieffer’s COLD BLOOD: Fatal Fables and a look at his writing space.




Upcoming Author Events:



The Cutting Edge by Jeffrey Deaver

In Plain Sight: The Kaufman County Prosecutor Murders by Kathryn Casey


Did you miss it?

Brian cranked up the music recommendations on Monday and shared his thoughts on international crime fiction.

Over at Underground Book Reviews I weigh in on Earl Javorsky’s Down To No Good while Melody Delgado looks at Guardian Angel by Anne Rouen.

Ann Simas is still running her free signed book giveaway! Don’t forget to enter.


Next Issue: June 6 with Kevin Wignall, Jo Perry and more!

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