Make Me Feel – Music Monday

The spirit of Prince is alive and well and thy name is Janelle Monae. With that said, I don’t want to take away from Monae’s originality with that comparison but with this video there is a strong Prince vibe.

Related: Another artist with a strong Prince vibe, in case you are looking to fill that Price shaped hole in your heart, is Blak Emoji. Here is his album Intr

I like this song, Furry Friendly Pal, by the Lost Dog Street Band. It’s catchy and makes me smile.

A good companion for it might be Dori Freeman’s Ern and Zory’s Sneakin’ Bitin’ Dog.

I stumbled across On the First Bell by Buffalo Gospel on the Bandcamp app. Don’t know if it’s a gamer yet but I like what I hear so far.


Here are some songs I’ve Shazamed recently.

Blast From the Past

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