This is America – Music Monday

Music Monday will be a weekly or bi-weekly (since this is the first one, I don’t know what frequency will work best for my schedule). We do a lot of author and book promos, and will continue to do so, but we would like to branch out to other topics also. Each installment will feature some music of been listening to lately: new songs, new to me songs/artists, my Shazams, things of interest.

Donald Glover hosted SNL on May 5th and by most accounts was great. Childish Gambino debuted a new song, “This is America”, and a video for the song was also released. The video’s imagery is packed with contemporary themes and folks are already debating what the message is. Take a look for yourself:

“This is America” pairs well with “Chainsmoking” by Jacob Banks. Both videos display visceral imagery designed to hurt and make you think.

Leon Bridges gets all the love these days (and he’s great) but there’s a lot of great soul music being made right now, Mr. Banks from above included. This is Curtis Harding’s song, “Drive My Car” from his last album. That album was in high rotation and I’m sure his newest one will be too.

Whenever Ron Gallo’s music comes on the radio I always turn the volume up, so clearly I like his music.  This was was the last song of his that I heard.

I haven’t listened to “Sideways” by Lauren Ruth Warren enough to have a fully formed opinion but when I heard it on the radio I Shazamed it.

For some “Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)” is the Nintendo Switch song. For me, I just heard it on the radio and liked what I heard.

“Tailor Made” by The Lemon Twigs sounds like something from the 70s.

Another great song to play loud with the windows down, “Feeling Alive” by Earl Sr. Clair.

Finally, “No Tomorrow” by The Cave Singers is another song that I liked enough to Shazam but I’d like to spend some more time with.


Do any of these warm your cockles? Let me know. What have you been listening to recently?


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